Due to a successful breeding season we have for sale to "members of the society only"
a number of home bred
Spur-Thighed Testudo Gracea Tortoises.Hatched August 2005.
Please Contact the society for further Information

Spur-Thighed Tortoise
Spur-thighed tortoises are  small to medium tortoises and have a distinctive spur or wart on each thigh either side of the tail. The tail unlike Hermann's tortoise has no scale on the end and the shells are not usually so bright.
There are two main types of spur-thighed tortoise.
(Testudo Gracea Gracea) or North African found in Morocco, Algeria, Libya and parts of Tunisia.
(Testudo Gracea ibera) found in Northern Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. These are the most suitable spur-thighs to be kept as pets in British gardens.