On this page we have a selection of pictures taken by our members designed to show you  the Ideal conditions for keeping and breeding tortoises.
Any outbuilding such as a shed or greenhouse can be utilised and for optimum conditions should be fitted with both a basking lamp and heater.
A selection of tortoise runs can be seen this will allow the tortoise to move outside but should keep it safe and easy to find.
Also we have included a selection of vivarium pictures these should give you an Indication of the size and scale should you want to breed tortoises.


If you are thinking of buying / keeping a tortoise please study the images above. The pictures are intended as a guide only and represent best practice for safety, health and well being of the tortoise. If you are unsure of the conditions required and need any Information or have any questions regarding  the care, health and well being of tortoises please contact the society.

The Society would like to thank all members who donated pictures.