The Society has a range of information booklets and manuals on all aspects of tortoise care which are available to members and non-members for a small charge. Fill out the form below Including your name and address, print out and send to the society with the correct remittance. Includes  p&p.
Cheques or postal orders must be sent before orders can be dispatched.



Care Manuals



Mediterranean Spur-thigh manual    1.50 
Herman's Tortoise care manual    1.50 
Hatchling care manual    1.50  
Horsfieldi care manual    1.50  
Sulcata care booklet    1.50   
Leopard care booklet (Not available at present)   
Choosing a Mediterranean Tortoise    1.50 
Choosing a Tropical Tortoise    1.50 
Weighing and measuring guide    1.50
Hibernation and Over wintering booklet    1.50 
Digital Temperature Probe    7.00
Seeds: Clover Dandelions(Specify)    2.00

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Print and send to:
British Tortoise Society
P.O. Box 75,
M26 4WZ