Fostering of a tortoise is available to members who have suitable conditions for homing and comply with the conditions as laid out by the society. This includes either an indoor or outdoor vivarium to specification and a secure environment to encourage health and survival of the tortoise

How to foster a British Tortoise Society tortoise

* You have made your first move by contacting the society.
* You should now have read about our societies aims.
* Before you proceed you will need to become a member of the BTS.
* Browse the Information manuals section and decide which manual         you may need.
* Most people prefer the Mediterranean tortoise (spur thighed and Herman's) these  are one of the easier species to keep. Most of us will remember these tortoises from our childhood and thankfully the importation of these tortoises were banned in the seventies.
* Read the Information you receive carefully. If at any time you need help or want to ask any questions, please contact us, we are here to help.
* Once you have your set up ready e.g. Basking Lamp with access to an outdoor area or a secure garden, you are almost there.
* Forward photographic evidence and a letter explaining your understanding of how to care for that species - Diet, temperatures, and the need to hibernate. Once we receive this letter we will contact you.

Fostering Policy

When you foster a tortoise from us, we ask that you stay a member of the society for as long as you have the tortoise in your care.
We request a minimum donation of 50.00 to cover the cost of administration and vets fees. All re-homed tortoises must be kept as per our guidelines, which are explained in all our care manuals. Our policy is not to mix different species or sexes, please bare this in mind if you are already a tortoise owner. We ask that all tortoises that have been re-homed be brought to one of our open days at least once per year, for a health check.
Society Reserve

The society reserve the right to withdraw any tortoise from a foster home at any time, in the event of failure of any one point raised in the above fostering policy.

Good luck and please contact us if you need any help.