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Ashleigh Veterinary Centre.
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Welcome to the Official  British Tortoise Society Web site.

The BTS is a voluntary organization with a membership base, providing friendly help and advice on the health of tortoise in captivity.

From our experience, we know that many tortoises living in this country are surviving rather than thriving. Our aim is to promote the general health and well being of tortoises.

The British Tortoise Society produces regular newsletters for members covering all aspects of tortoise care with many articles on specific subjects from  hatching, hibernation and feeding etc. to articles of interest with up to date information on the care of tortoises.

We have a help line available to members to contact the society with any problems that they may have regarding the well being of their tortoise. We also have a sanctuary where we care for sick, injured or unwanted tortoises with a re-homing register for experienced members to foster sick or unwanted tortoises.
We also promote conservation through education and by supporting captive breeding programs.

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